Tuesday, November 2, 2010

English Vocabulary Test

1. People must protect birds and animals. protect means:

a. look for
b. look after
c. look at
d. look down

The key:b

2. Kangaroo is an.... animal

a. african
b. European
c. Asian
d. Australian

The key:d

3. .....often bark at night.

a. Bears
b. Dogs
c. Lions
d. Tigers

The key:b

4. .....are tame animals

a. snakes
b. Wolves
c. Cows
d. Crocodiles

The key: c

5. Rabbits.... quickly. They usually have many little rabbits in a month

a. eat
b. tame
c. breed
d. wild

The key:c

6. What do deer like to eat?

a. coconut
b. banana
c. meat
d. grass

The key:d

7. What will happen if people continuously kill animals for sport?

a. extinct
b. live along
c. breed
d. happy

The key:a

8. In badminton,the player serves the .... from below the level of the waist.

a. racket
b. net
c. shuttle cock
d. stick

The key:c

9. Swimming,diving, rowing and power boat racing belong to

a. water sports
b. field athletics
c. team sports
d. team mates

The key:a

10. In hockey and....., each team has eleven players on the field

a. softball
b. football
c. basketball
d. volleyball

The key:b