Wednesday, September 8, 2010

English Grammart Test for Elementary

1. Robert is my sister's son.
He is my ....

a. nephew
b. cousin
c. brother
d. niece

The key : a

2. ..... is an animal which has a long neck.

a. A giraffe
b. A buffalo
c. A crocodile
d. An elephant

The key : a

3. A ... boy is a boy who often tell lies to others.

a. naughty
b. lazy
c. dishonest
d. greedy

The key : c

4. Mr. Abraham is a physicist. He always makes his......... in his laboratory.

a. microscopes
b. selections
c. plants
d. experiments

The key : d

5. Anne :"Let me help you carry your bag!"
An old woman :"Thank you for your ......"

a. kind
b. kinds
c. kindly
d. kindness

The key : d

6. Brian :"Do you ... something to eat, Mom? I'm starving."
Mother :"Yes. It's in the fridge."

a. need
b. have
c. want
d. like

The key : b

7. I'm a new student. I have just arrived today. I don't know ... yet.

a. noone
b. nobody
c. anyone
d. someone

The key : c

8. Gregory :" ........ sugar do you want in your tea?"
Hannah :" A spoonful, please."

a. How many
b. How much
c. How big
d. How

The key : b

9. The cook needs a knife ...... meat.

a. to bring
b. to put
c. to cook
d. to cut

The key : d

10. Craig :" Is your sister as tall as you?"
Donna :" Yes, she is the same ... as I am."

a. length
b. size
c. height
d. weight

The key : c

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